“The tenth proof identified in the Holy Qur’an to settle each and every point of contention can be found in the following verse:”

*(continued from yesterday)*

And as for those who strive in Our path — We will surely guide them in Our ways. (Q29: 70)”

“All those who have acted in accordance with this verse have always benefited. Anyone who denies the existence of God Almighty ought to bear in mind that if He does indeed exist it places them in a great predicament. Hence, if in the hearts of some people there is a sincere desire to discover the truth, they ought to fall prostrate before God in prayer with full fervour and beseech Him in the following terms:

“O’ God, if indeed You exist and if, as those who believe in You say, then You are possessed of infinite power—then have mercy on me and guide me to Yourself, and fill my heart with faith and belief so that I may not be left deprived.”

“If someone adopts this course with a pure heart for at least 40 days, then no matter which religion or country that individual belongs to, the Lord of all the worlds will certainly guide them, and they will quickly see God manifest His existence in a manner that will cleanse the filth of doubt and suspicion from their heart.

“It is quite clear there can be no deception in this method of finding a resolution. What difficulty can there be for seekers of truth to adopt this approach? For the time being, I end this discourse on these ten proofs, though there is much more evidence in the Holy Qur’an. However, at present, I feel that this will suffice. If one ponders over these proofs, further evidence will emerge from within them. And Allah it is Whose help is to be sought. In the end, I call on those friends who receive this essay to pass it on to others who they feel might benefit by it after they themselves have finished reading it.”

(Tashheez-ul-Azhan, March 1913)

May Allah grant us insights to appreciate His existence and righteously propagate His Message to all mankind.
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