“The ninth proof for the existence of God found in the Holy Qur’an is that of revelation.”


(continued from November 1, 2019)

“Though I have placed this at number nine in the list, it is in truth a magnificent proof which establishes the existence of God Almighty with full certitude. Allah the Exalted says: “Allah the Exalted strengthens the believers with the word that is firmly established, both in the present life and in the Hereafter.” (Q14:28).

“Therefore, when Allah the Exalted speaks to a large number of people across all ages and periods, how can denial in His existence be justified? And it is not just that He discourses with His prophets and messengers, but He also speaks with saints and at times, through His mercy, He even speaks to a poor servant of His to bring him solace. He has also spoken to a humble person like myself and confirmed the truth of His existence through His arguments.

“Further, He even talks with base and wicked individuals to force upon them a conclusive argument of His truth. So, at times, even lowly and evil sections of society experience dreams and revelations, the divine origins of which can be recognised from the fact that they possess news of the unseen which finds fulfilment at its appointed time, and clearly shows they did not emanate from the processes of the mind or dyspepsia.

“Sometimes, He reveals news of an occurrence hundreds of years into the future so that there is no danger it can be confused with current events which might be seen as having had a bearing on the dream, and which happened to subsequently transpire by chance. Accordingly, both the Holy Qur’an and the Torah not only mention, but also describe in clear terms, the advancements that have taken place under Christianity today and left the world astonished. Indeed, they also allude to those events that are yet to transpire. First, we can take the following example in Surah Takwir (Q81:5):

“That is, a time will come when camels will be made redundant. In a hadith of Muslim (Hadith No. 243, p. 78), this is explained in the following terms:

“That is, camels will no longer be utilised. In the present age, this prophecy has been fulfilled with the development of the railway. The sayings of the Holy Prophet (sa) contain such manifest intimations of this, they are able to conjure up images before one’s eyes which make it abundantly clear that the prophetic word was referring to a new mode of transportation that would run with the power of steam and blow mountains of smoke ahead of itself; in terms of its utility and its capacity to load objects, it would be like a donkey; it would make noise as it travels and so forth.”

(to be continued)


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