Tabligh Week: MKAN Ibadan District visits Imam Oke-Ado Central Mosque

The Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Ibadan District on Monday, November 9th 2020 paid visitation to the chief Imam Oke-Ado Central Mosque, Fadlatuh Sheik Ibrahim to kick off its MKAN nation tabligh week.

Brother Habeeblah Adedeji who introduced the Jama’at and all its auxiliary bodies to the chief Imam also informed him that tabligh, one of the many programs of the Jama’at, was the purpose of the visitation.

The District youth leader, Brother Adenekan Moshood appreciated the chief Imam for honoring the visitation and he seeks his elderly advice on religious matters.

In response, however, the chief Imam lauded the Jama’at for its various highlighted programs.

He further admonished the Jama’at to make sure its public lecture continues and he should always be invited whenever the Jama’at wants to have one.

The Dil’a Qaid presented Review of Religions Magazine and other pieces of literature of the Jama’at to the Chief Imam

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