Once a visitor (to the Promised Messiah) said he prayed, but he did not think his prayers did much good and so now he ha little interest in them. Ahmad (as) said immediately:

“Whether you like it or not, you should continue offering your prayers. A sick person does not want to take food but those looking after him try to induce him to eat something. Sometimes they almost have to compel him. In the same way, whether you like praying or not, you should certainly continue offering your prayers.

“Whenever I cannot understand something or am confronted with a difficulty, I forget about the difficulty and start praying to God – that solves the problem.

“Some people lose heart and stop digging when, if they dug just another few feet, they would reach water. So it is with prayer. You must keep on praying. It is no use to pray intensely for a few days and then give up.


(Culled from the book: Ahmad the Guided One)

Eidul Mubarak!!!

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