“They attack from behind the walls of worldly powers that they have erected. This method of attack is not specific to any one situation; it is their manner in every case and cannot be hidden from anyone with deep insight.

“Currently, there are many great forces that are at the forefront of hostility toward Islam. As a result, Islam is facing all kinds of dangers and risks. But the enemies of stay only in their fortifications and engage in idle talk. They do not care to confront the enemies of Islam, nor do they pursue them, challenge them, or fight them if surrounded by them. They have not been blessed to do this, and who is getting this blessing? I will talk about that later.

The Negative Response of Opposing Forces

The Holy Qur’an says:

“Their hearts are divided, whereas you think they are united.”

Why is it said that you think they are united?

“It is because there lies a deeper philosophy in that their unification has come into being solely due to their enmity toward you. The fact of the matter is that they have nothing in common among themselves. In spite of their being bitter enemies of each other, they are so overwhelmed with your enmity and fear that they forget their internal hostilities. But, in fact, this is not the characteristic of the living.

“The characteristic of the living is that there should be a power of love that unites people. The Arabic saying: ‘Disbelievers are united as one’ means exactly this.

“The unity among disbelievers that you observe is due to the force of rejection. They are united only in the denial of someone and not because of any positive cause. They have no sense. This unity is meaningless. If people unite based on a common factor such as in anticipation of an enemy or in fear, then this kind of unity has no substance because even animals get united in such situations.

“In some circumstances under duress, lions and goats might be found together, or wolves and sheep may herd together. An artist has portrayed this concept in one of his paintings, in which he drew a terrifying scene of a fierce storm and lightning. In the center of this drawing, there are lions, wolves, swine, goats, sheep, horses, and their offspring huddled together, like a whirlwind collects different items. Not only this, some excavations have revealed similar scenes.

“In some instances, extremely horrific destruction eradicated all signs of life in some areas. At that time, animals that were natural enemies came together, and when death struck them, they were buried in the same place, huddled as though with affection. But, this ephemeral love does not give life. It is caused by fear — a negative power.

“The wise, however, are united through positive forces. Their hearts unite in love. They are epitomised by the Qur’anic phrase: “Compassionate among each other.”

“The Holy Qur’an says that these people (enemies of Islam) will suffer the same fate as people before them. Such people are never spared. Because these people are confronting Allah’s decree, they will never escape a dreadful chastisement.”

To be continued…
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