“The Annual Conference of 1911 was held on December 26-29. Hadrat Khalifatul Masih I (ra) addressed the Conference for two and a half hours on the afternoon of December 27. The text of the sermon is reproduced below:


“Keep well in mind that you have no authority to remove the Khalifa. If you perceive something in me that you esteem a fault, point it out to me respectfully. It is God who appoints a Khalifa; it is not the business of men. God made Adam (as) a Khalifa, and also David (as); then He makes Khalifas under 24:56; He has made all of you Khalifas also. If I have been made Khalifa, it is God’s doing in His wisdom and for your benefit. No one has power to remove a Khalifa who has been appointed by God.


“Therefore, none of you has the authority or power to remove me. If God desires to remove me, He will cause me to die. You had better leave this matter in God’s hands; you have not the power of removal. I am not beholden to any of you. He lies who says he has made me Khalifa. It hurts me when I hear it said that this is the age of constitutions and Parliaments; Iran and Portugal and Turkey have all set up Parliaments. I affirm that he who considers this Movement Parliamentary and constitutional should repent of his error.


“What comfort do you think has been procured for Iran and others by a Parliament? Many were ruined under Muhammad ‘Ali Shah, and his successors are receiving ultimatums. Have the Turks slept in peace after setting up a Parliament? I remind you again that it is clearly set forth in the Holy Quran that it is God who appoints Khalifas. When He appointed Adam (as), He said: I am about to place a vicegerent (Khalifa) in the earth (2:31). The angels raised objections, but what benefit did they derive therefrom? Read the Quran and see. If that was the case with the angels and they had to confess: Holy art Thou, no knowledge have we save that which Thou hast taught us (2:33); then who are you to criticise me? You had better look into your mirrors.


“I remember well someone saying: A Parliament has been established in Iran; it is the age of constitutions. Such sentiments are disloyal and disrespectful. Those who think like this were shown the consequences of constitutionalism, by the jealousy of God, in Iran itself. I repeat they should repent even now.”


…to be continued.


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