In March 1901, a gentleman in search of truth, came to see Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian. The gentleman who was from the district of Gujarat, India, made the following statement at the start of the conversation:


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“Now, you should consider this that the production of food and the means of existence sufficient to keep a person alive for one day, requires a period of six months when the life for which the food is thus produced is finite. How can it then be possible for the spiritual ‘food’, being nourishment for the spiritual life which is eternal, to be attained in a matter of days? It is true that God has power over things such that, if he so wishes, he is able to do whatever he wills in an instant, and it is our belief that nothing is impossible before him.


“Islam has not presented a God who, like the God presented by the Aryas can neither bring into being a spirit nor anything material and cannot give peace and eternal salvation to the truthful and to those who seek after him. Not so. Instead, Islam has presented a God who is unique in his powers and strengths. There is none who can compare with him and none who has a share in his powers and attributes. But, yes, his law is such that everything is done gradually and systematically. Hence, if one is not patient and does not have positive expectations, success is difficult.

“I remember once a person came to me and said that the holy people of earlier times used to make people reach great (spiritual) heights with one blow of their breath. I told him that he was mistaken. This is not God’s way of doing things. If you were to lay the floor in a house, it is necessary to first, repair any parts which are in need of repair and wherever there is any filth or dirt, to cleanse it and to purify it with a disinfectant. In short, the ground will be made ready for laying the floor only after a great many schemes and methods have been employed. The human heart is the same. Prior to its becoming worthy of being inhabited by God, it is the throne of Satan and the seat of his government. It is necessary for the destruction of this government (of Satan) for the sake of the other government (of God).

“Very unfortunate indeed is the person who sets out in search of the truth and then does not hold positive expectations (regarding the outcome). Learn at least from the potter and see how much he has to do to make a pot of clay. Watch the laundry man, how much hard work he has to do when he begins to clean dirty and soiled clothes. Sometimes he puts the clothes on the boil, sometimes he rubs them with soap and through different means draws out the dirt and at last the clothes come out clean and white. All the dirt that was in them is washed out. If there is need for so much patience for such inferior things then how foolish is the person who, for the sake of reforming his life and for the sake of the removal of the dirt and filth found in his heart, desires that they should all be drawn out with a single blow and the heart should thereby be cleansed!”

…to be continued…


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