“I am grateful to God that He has given me a sincere and a faithful Jama’at. I could see that whatever the purpose for which I call them, they come forward with great zeal and vie with one another to do it at the earliest and with all the faculties that God has vouchsafed them. They are true to their faith and they are sincere. I just tell them something to do and they are fully prepared for it.

“As a matter of fact no Jama’at can be established unless the members are prepared to obey the Imam with this kind of zeal, faithfulness and loyalty. The troubles that the Messiah (Jesus) had to confront with, were rooted in the weakness of his followers. When he was arrested, as great a disciple as Peter denied him in his very presence. And not only that he denied him, he cursed him thrice. Most of the disciples deserted him and fled.

“On the other hand, look at the sincerity and loyalty of the Companions of Holy Prophet (saw) their sincerity and loyalty has no match in the whole history of mankind. They bore all sorts of hardships for his sake; they left homelands which were dear to them. They got themselves separated from their dear ones and from their belongings. They even did not mind to lay down their lives for him.

“It was this sincerity and loyalty that crowned them with success. I could see that my Jama’at is also full of faith and loyalty and they are very truthful to their pledge and they are very sincere.”

(Malfoozat Vol. l, p.322)
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