Omi-Adio organizes monthly Atfal/Nasrat Camping

Omi Adio Atfal/Nasrat Camping
Omi Adio Atfal/Nasrat Camping

In a bid to improve moral and secular training of our children, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Omi-Adio Dil’a has organized Atfal and Nasrat training classes between 27th and 29th January, 2017 at Abidogun Central Mosque.

The Majlis Atfal, in order to achieve the monthly work schedule as stated in the MKAN Handbook, were divided into four (4) classes as more classes came up as a result of sorting on the basis of assimilation level.

Secular training sessions were integral part of the programme while other focus area during the three day camping were sporting activities, proficiency examination and foot drill/march past.
During the closing session, general Dars-ul-Islam was organized for the children in which Alh. Abdul Hafeez Apooyin delivered a lecture on “Qualities of a good Ahmadi Child”. Prizes were distributed to children who performed excellently at all levels.

84 Atfal and 88 Nasrat were in attendance respectively. The Oyo State Qaid, Bro. Abdul Hakeem Awe was also the children’s guest during the three-day camping.

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