Omi-Adio Dil’a Takes Tree Planting Exercise To School, New Mosque

In line with the MKAN Mulk directive and to commemorate the 2017 World Environmental Day, Omi-Adio Dil’a takes tree planting exercise to Ibaadu-Rahman Group of Schools and also new Ahmadiyya Mosque Jiboye all located at the hub of Omi-Adio Community.

In the school premises where the exercise began on Friday 9th June 2017, the project team led by Dil’a Qaid Bro.Apooyin AbdMujeeb, sensitized both the teachers and the pupils on the importance of tree planting and their roles as stakeholders in nurturing the tree to maturity.

While addressing the pupils of Primary five (5) and six (6) and also the secondary students, the Dil’a Qaid reiterated that life of man is threatened when we continue cutting without planting trees. This is because, in addition to other physical importance, trees improve the quality of air, remove unwanted substance and reduce the effects of global warming. The campaign was tagged “Be a Restorer and Not a Destroyer” as conspicuously written on the newly designed banner.

The proprietress of the School, Mrs. Habibat Oladipupo, while speaking showered encomiums on Ahmadi Muslim Youth Omi-Adio and assured that her school would like to partner the Muslim Youth in future for environmental and community services.

Altogether, ten (10) trees were planted in the school, 3 in primary school and 7 in secondary school. The proprietress, the head teachers and the pupils were assigned to do the planting.

On Saturday 10th June 2017, the exercise continues at new Jiboye Ahmadiyya Mosque. Pa. Hakeem Salaudeen, Omi-Adio Dil’a Nazim Ansarullah and other notable members were invited for the ten (10) stem tree planting around the mosque and the new mission house.

Total trees planted were twenty (20) and eleven members of the Dil’a participated in the exercise.

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