Ogun State Qaid visits Ilaro District, Circuit Members

By Abdul Roqeeb Ogunrinde

Ogun State Qaid (Youth President), Majlis Khuddamul-Ahmadiyya (Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organization), Bro. Sa’eed Idowu with 10 State Executive members paid a familiarisation visit to Ilaro District on 3rd January 2021.

The State Qaid and his entourage joined the District in its monthly meeting held at Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Mosque, Leslie, Ilaro.

Bro. Idowu expressed his gratitude to Allah and members of the District, stressing that the reason for his visitation was to check members’ welfare and task every member in each District to rise to their responsibilities as sincere members of Majlis Khuddamul-Ahmadiyya.

As the appointment letter into the office was received a month ago, the Qaid with the help of his vice, Bro. Okunnu Hamzah sought members’ cooperations with their respective Muqami (Zonal) Qaid, hence, this would aid the Dil’a (District) State and Mulk (national) positive development.

He commended the effort of the​ District Qaid as the Tajneed of members at the meeting was encouraging. He however urged the members to get themselves acquainted with the Majlis Tajneed portal as no payment will be processed without the Tajneed portal.

The members were also reminded of their duties to Allah through their prayers, self-dedication, and financial sacrifice. Thus, the Nazim Mal (State Financial Secretary) gave a short sermon on the importance of financial sacrifice and also lessened the members on how to use the Majlis Mal portal for the payment of Majlis monthly Chanda.

Naib Sadr Southwest, Bro. Abdul Jabbar Ayelaagbe, who also joined the meeting advised members to be dutiful, more dedicated, and responsive to Jama’at and Majlis activities. He emphasized the need to represent the Jama’at wherever, whenever and in whatever post they find themselves outside the fold of the Jama’at.

Continuing, the Qaid acknowledged the fact that the year 2020 was a year full of novel events that the world never imagined before and thus, brought with it new methods and ideas of how to live, work and relate with one other. He then charged the members to be more sincere with their prayers and be hopeful for greater things ahead from Almighty Allah.

The State Qaid extended his visit to some prominent members of the Circuit: Ilaro Circuit Missionary, Muallim Akintola; Pa. Ojo of Leslie Jama’at; Nazim Ansarullah and former Ilaro Dil’a Qaid, Bro. Abdul Jeleel Akinola; Oke Ola Jama’at President and Secretary, Ilaro Circuit, Pa. Mujaid Onajobi; Oríta Jama’at President and Financial Secretary, Ilaro Circuit, Pa. Shu’aib Salako; former Ogun State Qaid, Pa. Nafiu Kilani and Leslie Jama’at President, Pa. O.O.N. Giwa.

With the State Qaid were Naib State Qaid (Admin), Bro Hamzah Okunnu, State Mutamad, Bro Onifade Habeebullah, Nazim Mal, Bro. Abdul Azeez Shoyinka, Nazim Umumi, Bro. Musbaudeen Quazeem, Nazim Tajneed, Bro. Ibrahim Jimoh, Nazim Sihat-e-Jiemani, Bro. Nurudeen Adéyemí,​ Naib Nazim Atfal, Bro. Zafrullah Edun, Nazim Isha’at, Abdul Roqeeb Ogunrinde.

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