Ogun State Qaid attends Dil’aat Atfal Day Celebration

To felicitate with members of Majlis Atfal on their Children’s Day, Ogun State Qaid, Bro. Idowu Sa’eed has attended Ilaro, Owode, Abeokuta and Ayetoro Dil’aat Atfal (Ahmadi Children) Day Celebration held on 27th May, 2021.

The Qaid Sahib attended Ilaro Dil’a Atfal Day Celebration as 303 members of Majlis Atfal-ul Ahmadiyya gathered at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Jalsa Gah for the celebration.

The organizers ensured all Majlis Atfal-ul Ahmadiyya Ilaro Dila made use of their nose covers/face masks uniformly in compliance with the COVID-19 protocol and guidelines. The programme had the presence of Naib Sadr South West, Bro Ayelaagbe Abdul Jabar and other dignitaries.

Thereafter, the Qaid Sahib and four executives left Ilaro for Owode Dil’a to grace its Atfal Day Celebration. Owode Dila held its celebration at Fadl Omar Ahmadiyya Nursery and Primary School, Owode where the Chief Imam of Owode Town was the Special Guest in conjunction with the Circuit Missionary and Jama’at President respectively.

During the celebration, several activities were held such as Qur’an Competition, Quiz Competition, Spelling Bee, Taekwondo Demo and March Past, among others.

In his address, State Qaid Sahib appreciated the efforts of the Dil’a for putting together such a wonderful programme especially with the presence of prominent dignitaries like the Chief Imam of Owode. He equally charged the Atfal on righteousness and obedience, saying that all Atfal must be upright in their five daily prayers.

Quoting the Second Khalifa, Hadhrat Mirza Bashirudeen Mahmud Ahmad (ra), he said members are to inculcate the virtue of regularity in their daily prayers, hard work, and truthfulness.

According to him, these traits should be part and parcel of every Tifl as he matures into a Khadim.
He also advised the children to intensify their obedience to Almighty Allah and His Prophet as well as their parents and their elders.

The State Qaid was also honoured​ to present some gifts to the kids who performed excellently at the programme.

Meanwhile, the Qaid was ably represented by his​ Vice, Naib State Qaid Admin, Bro Okunnu Hamzat at Abeokuta Dil’a Celebration which was held at​ Ahmadiyya Central Mosque, Oke Abetu.

He urged the Atfal to emulate good morals for their benefits, their parents, family and for the Jama’at at large.

Lastly, the Qaid Sahib also graced the Atfal Day Celebration held at Ahmadiyya Central Mosque, Joga Aiyetoro.

He was humbly represented by the Naib State Qaid Special Duty, Bro Akewugberu Abdul Mujeeb where dignitaries were present such as the Circuit Missionary and Circuit President, among others.

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