“…to devote one’s life in the service of mankind; to give sympathy, provide remedy, carry the burden and offer comfort with sincerity. To suffer pain to provide comfort to others and even accept hardship to give relief to others…” ===================== “No human being can be truly associated with the noble title of ‘follower of Islam’

“…it is essential that you devote your lives in the cause of Allah and this is the very purpose for which I have been sent…” ==================== “The pain which pleases God is better than the pleasure which makes God angry. And that defeat which pleases God is better than the victory which invites the wrath

“…it is extremely essential that you study so that you may become teachers to the newcomers. If you do not study yourself then what will you teach them?…” ===================== “Look! I am a human being. The one who will follow me and during whose era there will be victories, he also will be a human

“…There are many more people as compared to you who possess worldly treasures and comforts, however, only you possess the bounties of the religion; they do not possess them…” ===================== “Remember well, if you get involved in Politics, Jama’at Ahmadiyya will not make progress. Anyone who joins others in Politics, he also will not succeed,

“…pure principles of Islam are not ones which fail to prove themselves any less than perfect when judged against the yardstick of philosophy and inductive reasoning…” ===================== The Promised Messiah (as) posed the question: ‘Why does present-day philosophy incline the dispositions of people towards irreligiousness?’ Master Ghulam Muhammad Sahib of Sialkot [a companion of the

“…no hour in which I am free from some form of apprehension and grief, because from among the vast number of my friends, one or the other is afflicted by some form of grief or pain…” ===================== The Promised Messiah (as) said: The fact of the matter is that my friends are a part of