Maintain good relationship with Allah, Ogun State Youth Leader urges Afon District members

By Abdul Roqeeb Ogunrinde

Ahmadi Muslim Youth Organisation (Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya), Ogun State Youth Leader, Bro Idris Ibrahim has urged Afon District members to maintain good and sincere relationship with Allah, the Almighty for their prayers and supplications to find acceptance.

He made this known in his speech during the courtesy visitations to Afon District on 29th February, 2020.

He congratulated those that have been in the fold, either by invitation or by signing the Bai’at, saying that “It is of great blessing from Allah, the Almighty to be in this Jama’at.

He advised the members to work with the District youth leader in achieving the goal of the Majlis.

Thus, the Afon youth leader (Qaid) requested for prayer for the District and some other Localities so that the activeness of members would be increased and their level of sacrifices and dedication would be heightened as well.

The State Qaid Sahib concluded his speech by urging the members to be more conversant with their prayers and create a tight and firm connection with Allah, the Almighty.

In addition, the District Leader led the State youth leader and his entourage to the residences of Pa Omidokun Abdul Lateef, Afon Circuit President, Alhaj Qaseem Kolade, Obada Jama’at President and Pa Arikewusola Abd Wasi’, a member of the Jama’at.

The leader also inspected a view of a transformer fence that was renovated by Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Afon Dil’a after it got destroyed by a motor accident.

Meanwhile, his entourage include: Naib State Qaid (Special Duties), Bro Abdul Mujeeb Akewugberu; Mutamad, Bro Habeebullah Onifade; Nazim Ta’alim, Bro Muhammad Mahdi Bankole and Nazim Nao Mubain, Bro Qudus Arikewusola.

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