“An example of personal extravagance that seems to be on the increase is lavish spending on weddings.”


“An example of personal extravagance that seems to be on the increase is lavish spending on weddings. This is mostly done by way of imitation… a wide variety of meals are being prepared for a wedding celebration, which is held in addition to the Walimah feast. While there is no harm in having celebrations, they can be kept very simple. Then the custom of holding a Mehndi (henna party) before the wedding by the bride’s family to express their happiness has increased.

“Now a lot of money is spent on such occasions, cards are printed and distributed, and special invitations are extended. If a Mehndi is desired, then the bride’s friends can simply get together and celebrate; but these occasions are being extended and exaggerated purely for show. A new practice has emerged where the groom’s family holds similar functions in the name of a Ronaq (celebration). I have observed that people with sound religious knowledge are also indulging in this new trend, which is in fact a Bid‘at (innovation). In addition, those who do not partake of these matters – and one should always assume in good light that they shun them due to piety – are branded miserly.

“In particular, some families travel to Pakistan and spend excessively on parties, jewelry and clothes, with each one trying to outdo the other. All this is extravagance. As I have said earlier, these savings could be used for the poor. This expense could be used for weddings of the needy. These large amounts of money can be used for orphans and other virtuous deeds. If awareness for saving is inculcated, it can transform human beings into ‘IbadurRahman’ (grateful servants of the Gracious God).”

(Garment for Each Other, P. 39)


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