Lagos Qaid, Imam, others attend Ojodu Public lecture, Lagos Qaid attends Lagos Ministry of Youth Meeting

Bro Tajudeen Abusalman

Lagos State Qaid (youth leader), Bro. Akinyemi Abdul Raqib, Imam, Magada Estate Mosque, Deputy Chairman, Harmony Estate CDA, Pastor Adereti of Mountain of Fire Ministries and others have attended Ojodu District Public Lecture held on 14th January, 2020.

The lecture, which was tagged “Islam: Solution to World Crisis, was delivered by Hafiz Abdul Ganiyy Shobambi.

The Scholar made it known that all religions from Hazrat Adam to Muhammad was Islam, explaining that there are many religions all over the world, but these religions only has one thing in common: one God.

Hafiz Abdul Ganiyy Shobambi, made reference to Bible verses and some other religions to prove that God is one.

He added: “It’s not enough to claim that you are a follower of Muhammad; let your behaviours and attitude reflect the attributes of Muhammad.”

He also admonished the Muslims to respond to greetings from other religions’ followers as both people originated from Prophet Adam.

13 Ahmadi male elders (Ansarullah), 30 Ahmadi women (Lajna), 112 Ahmadi youths (Khuddam), 10 Ahmadi male kids (Atfal) and 9 Ahmadi female kids (Nasrat) were in attendance

In another development, Lagos State Ahmadi youth leader (Qaid), Bro. Roqib Akintunde Akinyemi has attended the Lagos State Ministry of youth and Social Development meeting held on 24th January, 2020.

The meeting was presided over by the Director of Youth in Lagos State, Mr. Johnson Olufemi Adetoye. Mr. Adetoye welcomed the 30 voluntary youth organizations present.

The Director appreciated all the organization for the 2019 activities, while informing them of the 2020 work plan for the youth development programmes to come up end of January. This programme shall entail rubbing minds on how to move the Lagos State youth forward in examining where we are coming from, where we are and where we want to be, he said.

He also enjoined gender equality among the youth, advising that men should respect the rights of women in the society.

To compliment this, the United Nations along with Women Affairs and Poverty Association (WAPA) also organized a programme in January tagged HE4SHE where the rights of women were promoted.

With the Lagos State Qaid at the programme was Bro. Tahir Nafiu, State Naib Nazim Umumi (Special Duties).

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