Inter-Religious Peace Conference
Inter-Religious Peace Conference

On the 27th of February 2016 the anticipated Inter-Religious Peace Conference was held in Atrium Hall, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State themed ‘Building a new world: youth as agent of reformation’. This is part of the programme designed for #AYAAG2016 in celebration of 100 years of Ahmadiyya in Nigeria.

Many youths of different religious background, ethnicity, social status and class were present at the glamorous event chaired by the Amir Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Dr. Mas’hud A. Fashoola. Among his entourage to the Jamaat include Naib Amir South-East Dr. Abdul Ganiy Enahoro, Sadr Majlis Ansarullah Nigeria, Missionary In-charge Maulvi A.K Nayyar, National Secretary AMJ-Nigeria Bro. Abass Iromini, Hafiz Abd’Ganiy Shobabi and many others.

In his welcome address, the Sadr MKA-Nigeria Comrade Abdul-Qadri Abdul-Rafii highlighted the essence of the choosing the theme of the conference and how youth should be seen as formidable agent to turn over the society for good.

Some of the invited guest that graced the occasion include Mr. Kingsley Wjoku [Deputy Controller of Nigeria Prison] who represented Controller of the Nigeria Prison [Rivers State], Jai Ibrahim [State Security Service], Dr. Prince Wobo presenting Director National Orientation Agency, Comrade Nuate Precious [SUG Social Director, UNIPORT], Iroha Martin [Vice President Catholic Youth, Port-harcourt], Mr. Natraj Das [Representative from Hare Krishna Temple], DSP. Abdul Qadr [OC Religious Affairs], Ekiye C. Ekiye [ Youth Wing President CAN Rivers State Chapter] and Mr. Rustom Alexander [Representing Inter-faith Mediation Centre, South-South Zone].

The events also witnessed the official launch of #Stopthecrime campaign, a community development service initiative aimed to educate and sensitize youth of adverse consequences of taking to crime in the society.

Also, The #STOPTHECRIME team lead by Oyo Ilaqa Qaid, Bro. Daud Dikko took Drug Abuse sensitization to Benviato Secondary School, Port-Harcourt, River State. The sensitisation event was very educative, interactive and informative for the children and the adverse effect and consequences of taking to drug abuse.


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