Ila-Orangun Dil’a organises Tabligh, Awards Programme

Ila-Orangun Dil'a organises Tabligh, Awards Programme
Ila-Orangun Dil’a organises Tabligh, Awards Programme

To propagate the teachings of Ahmadiyya in the remote communities and to appreciate the supports of some individuals, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ila-Orangun Dil’a has organised its annual Tabligh and Award presentation programme on 28th October, 2017.

Dignitaries who graced the occasion include: Sadr, MKAN represented by Muavin Sadr 1, Bro Ishaq Popoola; State Central Missionary, Maulvi Mubarak Bello; Osogbo Circuit President who chaired programme, Pa. Salawu A. K.; Osogbo Circuit Missionary, Alhaji A. G. Oladipupo; Ila Jama’at President, Mr. Agbolade Basir; Honorable Member of Osun State House of Assembly, representing Ifedayo State Constituency and Missionaries from Ikirun, Osogbo and Ila. Others include Lajna Osogbo muqami President, Alhaja Olanrewaju Rasheedat and Lajna Ila Jama’at President, Alhaja Olanrewaju Simiat.

The programme centres on the propagation of the true teachings of Islam and the need to inform the masses about reconciling under one unique Khalifa. Two lecturers were invited to discuss the topic “Reconciliation of Muslim Ummah under one unique Khalifa”: Muallim Muhammad Waiz Apooyin and Maulvi Mubarak Bello.

The two lecturers were able to iron out these needs through verse 56 of Suratul Nur in the Holy Qur’an. There, Allah has promised the believers and the those that are good in deeds that He will grant them the ability to inherit power on earth as He granted such to those that have passed away before. He will establish for them, authority on their religion (institution of khilafah) that has been chosen for them. Their state will be changed and security will be established after and will they live in peace.

Meanwhile, the presentation of awards to the awardees followed. The awardees were: Engr. Saheed Aina, he was presented the Award of Recognition for his leadership contribution to the Jama’at at large and Award of Excellence were presented to Bro. Shakirullah Lawal, Muallim Abdul Azeez Daud, Mrs. Ogunsola Hafsat and Mrs. Omisore Serifat for their immense contributions to the Jama’at.

The programme had in attendance 109 people: 16 Ansarullah, 27 Lajna, 38 Khuddam, 8 Nasrat and 20 Atfal.

Reported by Haneef Oladejo

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