Ikorodu Dil’a sensitizes 130 students on Stop The Crime Campaign

To reduce the involvement of students in crime and criminal activities in the society, the Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Ikorodu Dil’a has sensitized 130 secondary students of United Senior High School, Ikorodu on 28th June, 2017 to mark its maiden Stop the Crime Campaign exercise.

The campaign, which took one hour using projector, laptop, pamphlets and camera as tools, had the presence of Bro Taoheed Oladele, Naib Muhtamin Isha’at II, the Facilitator; Bro Ibrahim Awe, Dil’a Qaid; Bro Mubarak Abdul Kareem; Bro Abdur Razaq Nurain; Bro Afeez Afinju; Bro Ibrahim Afinju; Bro Qasim Quadr and Bro Tirmizi Musa as Coordinators.

Also present during the presentation includes the Principal of the school, Mr. Kenku Eze; Vice Principal, Mrs. Aluezie, School Counsellor and Ikorodu Circuit President, Mr. Ajuwon and two(2) other teachers.

Meanwhile, the principal appreciated the Majlis for the opportunity given to his school to benefit from the sensitization programme, saying that he is looking forward to welcoming the Majlis another time.

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