26th March

Departure from MKAN Headquarters

A total number 19 members of MKA-Nigeria Advance Team departed  Lagos State to Zaria, Kaduna State to prepare #zazzau2018 ground for participants.

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27th March

Arrival at Zaria/Courtesy visits

The advance team arrived safely at the venue of the 2018 Ijtema. Courtesy visits to some dignitaries in the town was made.

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28th March

Free Medical Camp

Free medical camp was organized by MKAN. The exercise was carried out at the palace of the Emir of Zaria

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29th March

Sadr's Visitation

Sadr MKAN and his entourage made some courtesy visits to officials in Zaria city.

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30th March

Sports and educational competitions preliminaries

Sports preliminaries (athletics and football), Educational competitions preliminaries and Juma'at service were some of the highlights of the day.

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31st March

National Waqar-e-amal and Symposium

The National Waqar-e-amal (dignity in labour) event was held in the early hours of the day before a road procession to the Symposium venue. Sport events finals took place later in the day. The day was concluded with the closing ceremony.

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