“And those who bear not false witness, and when they pass by anything vain, they pass on with dignity.” (Q25:73)


“The…distinct quality of the servants of the Gracious God is that neither do they tell lies nor do they give false testimony. Falsehood plays a huge part in the decline of nations. Divine communities aspire to attain heights; if falsehood penetrates among them, then they do not remain God’s special people. Ahmadis should employ one hundred percent honesty in all their affairs and their testimonies.

“For example, in marital matters, during Nikah, it is asserted that Qaul-e-Sadid (the right,straightforward word) should be employed. Unambiguous truth should be spoken, from which no alternative meaning can be derived. However, after the wedding ceremony is over, lies are told; friction sets in and eventually marriages break up for egotistical reasons and where children are involved, they suffer greatly. Huzoor (atba) said he has drawn attention to this matter many times before. In to honor the dues order of God and the dues of mankind, it is essential to shun falsehood.”

(Garment for Each Other, p. 113)


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