Encourage the spirit of brotherhood among yourselves, Ogun Ahmadi Youth leader tells members

By Abdul Roqeeb Ogunrinde

Ogun State Ahmadi Muslim Youth leader (Qaid), Bro Sa’eed Idowu has told Khuddam members to encourage the spirit of brotherhood among themselves.

Speaking during his welfare visitation to Afon youths on 7th February, 2021, he expressed his gratitude to Allah the Almighty and thus reiterated that the purpose of his visit was to look up to members’ welfare and to task every Majlis members in each district to rise to their duties as a truthful and sincere member of Majlis Khuddam.

The Qaid Sahib also reminded the Majlis of their duties as Jamaat members, urging them to be prompt in their financial obligations such as the Jama’at monthly Chanda and the Majlis Chanda, giving reference to the saying of the Promised Messiah on the neglect of one’s financial obligations.

The members were also advised not to take their duties to Allah the Almighty with levity hands as their daily prayer must always be observed, must be regular in their Tahajjud, and make their meetings firm.

Also, the new system of paying Majlis Chanda was introduced to the members, and a brief explanation on how to use the portal was made.

State Sahib concluded his speech by stating the benefits of unity and cooperation, thereby advised the members to work hand in hand with their District leader (Dil’a Qaid) and maintain good relationships and the spirit of brotherhood among themselves.

The State Qaid Sahib extended his visit to some members of the Circuit which include: Pa Omidokun Abdul Lateef, Circuit President, and former Dil’a Qaid, old Ayetoro/Afon. In his speech, the latter assured the State Qaid Sahib of his positive response in supporting and calling the Majlis members to order for positive change.

Other members visited were: Alhaji Babade Rasheed who is a pioneer member of the Jama’at in Afon; Nazim A’la, Pa Ganiu Okewunmi; Afon Jama’at President, Pa Sufyan Adeyemi; Circuit Missionary Ikumapayi; former Circuit President and Dil’a Qaid old Ayetoro/Afon, Pa Soroungbe Zakariyau; former Owode Muqami Qaid, Bro Adeyemi Abdul Hakeem; Hon Surajudeen Yusuff; Pa Arikewusola who is the pioneer Afon Circuit President; Afon Circuit Tarbiyya Secretary, Bro Kamil; Pa Oyeleye Hameed and Imeko Muqami Qaid, Bro Yekin Ibrahim.

The Qaid’s entourage includes Naib State Qaid (Admin), Bro Hamzah Okunnu; Naib State Qaid (Special Duties), Bro Abdul Mujeeb Akewugberu; State Mutamad, Bro Habeebullah Onifade; Nazim Mal, Bro Abdul Azeez Shoyinka and Nazim Umumi, Bro Musbaudeen Quazeem.

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