Tabligh (Outerach) Department

The Tabligh department ensures that Khuddam convey the message of Islam throughout the community. The Mohtamim Tabligh is charged with creating programs that engage, motivate and inspire Khuddam to take the message of Islam to a wider audience.

The primary role of the Tabligh department is to engage Khuddam in Tabligh activities; in order to spread the message of Islam and bring new members into the fold of Islam. It is essential to realise that the task at hand is more spiritual then mechanical, hence all need to focus on prayers throughout the process.

In addition, it is important to realise that Tabligh is the responsibility of each and every Ahmadi. Even by employing righteous conduct at school, university or place of work, the peace–loving message of Islam is being spread by example.

To enable Khuddam to do direct Tabligh more efficiently, many training classes are organised to help refresh religious and theological knowledge-though recognising effectiveness in Tabligh is far more reliant on prayers than individual knowledge. To encourage Khuddam to engage the public about the true message of Islam, various leaflet distribution sessions are also organised.

Personal one–to–one discussions are inevitable with those who inculcate an interest in Islam and the local Nazmeen–e–Tabligh help to co–ordinate meetings and remind Khuddam to regularly follow up contacts and requests for information.

Abdul Raheem Ismail

Muhtamin Tabligh

Ahmad Munawwar

Naib Muhtamin Tabligh




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