Ilaqa Qaideen (State Presidents)

The affairs of MKA-Nigeria is steered  in State Chapter by the Ilaqa Qaid [State Presidents]. The step-down National administrative instructions to Districts and coordinate activities and activities under the guide of the Naib Sadr of the Region.

They also have Nazimeen [State Officers] under them that execute directives.

Oni Waliyullah

Qaid Ilaqa [Cross-Rivers]

Lawal Lukman

Qaid Ilaqa [Abuja]

Ahmad Abdullah

Qaid Ilaqa [Kwara]

Oyerinde Ismail

Qaid Ilaqa [Ondo]

Zikrullah Ibrahim

Qaid Ilaqa [Rivers]

Taofik Mustapha

Qaid Ilaqa [Kaduna]

Badmus Shuaib

Qaid Ilaqa [Lagos]

Muh'Awwal Qazeem

Qaid Ilaqa [Osun]

Mustafa Islam

Qaid Ilaqa [Edo-Delta]

Abdul Karim Tahir

Qaid Ilaqa [Kano]

Lukman Mustapha

Qaid Ilaqa [Niger]

Awe Abdul Hakeem

Qaid Ilaqa [Oyo]

Habeeb Abdul-Azeez

Qaid Ilaqa [Ekiti]

Abdul Azeez Ibrahim

Qaid Ilaqa [Kogi]

Idris Ibrahim

Qaid Ilaqa [Ogun]

Taiwo Abdus-Salam

Qaid Ilaqa [Plateau]

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