Apata Dil’a rewards Muqami, Khadim

Poised to motivate Majlis members and Muqameen on their constitutional roles and encourage healthy competitions among them, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, Apata Dil’a has rewarded Bro. Akeem Balogun, Dil’a Welfare Secretary and Aba-Alamu Muqami as the best Khadim and best Muqami for the month respectively.

Bro. Balogun from Apata Muqami was chosen as the best Khadim owing to his active participation in all Majlis and Jama’at activities, coupled with his huge roles at Atfal/Nasrat camping and welfare office, while Aba-Alamu bagged the best Muqami with regard to its rapid interventions to Dil’a and State directives morally, financially and spiritually, especially its quick response to Mulk response on ‘Ask Me About Islam’.

The Dil’a merit award, held at Baitul Raheem Mosque, Apata on 1st October, 2017 during the General meeting, is a monthly award given to the most hardworking and outstanding Khadim and Muqami for their contributions in the Majlis.

The awards were given to the beneficiaries by Muhtamin Isha’at, Bro Abdul Mujeeb Oniyide.

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