Ahmadi Youths at Ikorodu, Agbowo campaign against crime in secondary schools

Majlis Khuddamul-Ahmadiyya, Nigeria (MKAN), Ikorodu Dil’a, Lagos State and Agbowo Muqami, Akinyele Dil’a, Oyo State have organised their Stop the Crime Campaigns at Mahmud Ahmadiyya College, Ijede and Imam Zubair Secondary School, Ibadan respectively to educate students on the negative effects of crime and criminal activities.

MKAN Ikorodu Dil’a held its Stop the Crime on Saturday, 10th April, 2021. In the presentation, Naib Dil’a Qaid, Bro. Afinju Ibrahim reminded the students of the need to stop crime in society and also explained how all forms of crime can be shunned.

In another development, Agbowo Muqami carried out its campaign on Wednesday, 2nd June, 2021 in which the students were urged to avert all forms of crime and avoid being implicated.

All questions of the students were answered appropriately.

About 100 students and a teacher took part in the programme at Ikorodu, while 112 participated at Agbowo.

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