Ahmadi Youths Asaka Locality wins Ibadan District 1st Inter Localities Football Competition 2020

Ahmadi Muslim Youth Organization (Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya) Asaka Locality have won first Inter Localities football competition 2020, held at Arisekola Pitch, Liberty stadium, Ibadan, between 11th and 26th January, 2020.

The competition was organized and specially focus on Preaching (Tabligh), and to bring back members of Ahmadi youths (Majlis Khuddam Ahmadiyya) Ibadan that were inactive, irregular and not performing to expectations to have a scene of belonging and membership dedications through medium of welfare visits and sporting events.

Below are the result of the match.

Ashipa Team 1 – 0 Eyin Grammar, Imalefalafia/Anfani 1 – 1 Liberty. The match led to penalty kicks which Liberty won by 4 – 2. Felele/Oke Oluokun lost to Asaka by 3 – 0, and Oke Ado/Agbokojo won Oke Seni/Keulere by 8-0.

The winners progress to semifinals where Ashipa lost to Asaka by 1-0, and Oke Ado/Agbokojo won Liberty by 5 to 2.

At end of the semi final matches, Oke Ado/ Agbokojo and Asaka emerged winners as the teams progressed to the final stage of the competition.

Preaching (Tabligh) lecture was organized before the kick-off of the final match which was anchored by Ibadan Circuit President, Pa Olubajo Sahib.

The lecturer stated that the utmost reason for organizing the competition is for some members who are not active and not performing to expectations to have a scene of belonging and membership dedications through the medium of sporting events. He therefore advised all Ahmadi youths (Khuddam) to do a self assessment and do the necessary correction as a khaddim, an ambassador of Islam and Imam Mahdi (as).

The most awaited match to watch was declared open at the end of the lecture as both team stand firm to become the 1st winner of the 1st Inter Localities football competition, 2020.

At the full time the game ended 1- 1 and it was resulted to penalty where Asaka eventually won with 5 – 2.

Trophies were presented to the winner and certificate of participation was presented to the 1st to 3rd team of the competition.

Also, some members who had contributed immensely to the Ahmadi Muslim Youths Ibadan District development were fabulously awarded.

The closing prayer was led by Respected father, Ibadan Circuit President Pa Olubajo Sahib.

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